Z-Based Structural Index Correlation Method


Z-BaSICTM is a computational chemistry method with applications in the field of organic chemistry for compounds of less than about 500 atomic mass units. It is a method for digitizing chemical information in a fashion useful for process design and engineering, research and development, and product design. Applications are found in petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental business. JWBA will prepare 'cp' files on your process stream and supply the software applications needed for their use.

PETROLEUM - Establishes a standard information and process analysis system for use throughout the petroleum industry.

CHEMICALS - Expedites the study of pure compound and mixture properties including reactions and separation modeling.

PHARMACEUTICALS - Accelerates the study of activities by discerning electronic, geometric and conformational affects at the assay stage.

ENVIRONMENT - Provides a thermodynamically sound basis for evaluating hazards of components in the environment.

What is Z-BaSICTM : Summary Description

What is Z-BaSICTM : Technical Description