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Through its subsidiary company TerraClean Technologies, Inc. and partner Granite Environmental, Inc. JWBA offers unique environmental services. These services emphasize scientifically sound forensic investigations that lead to low-cost resolution of litigation, engineered corrective actions plans that lead to closure. The company has developed patented remediation technology that is effective and cost-competitive.

Our services include:

Forensic Investigations

  JWBA has developed unique expertise in forensic investigation of environmental contamination. Our experience in complex mixture analysis combined with proprietary, powerful analytical methods (Z-BaSIC and HyMAT), allows us to rapidly analyze for molecular composition and make improved interpretations of conventional EPA method results. Based on our knowledge of how hydrocarbon composition changes with time, we can often identify the source of contamination and estimate the time at which the contamination first appeared. In more complicated cases, we can often distinguish between multiple contamination plumes which overlap or coexist with one another.

These scientifically sound investigations have proven to reduce costs because of the detailed information they provide in apportioning liability and in establishing a basis for corrective action plans. Pending litigation is often resolved between the parties based on the expert opinions developed from our investigations.

Services offered include:

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Expert Testimony

Dr. Jack Elder and Dr. James W. Bunger provide Expert Witnesses testimony. We address all technical aspects within our field of expertise and develop a comprehensive opinion that is consistent with the known facts and observations. This preparation pays off when settlements are reached after pre-trial depositions are taken. To date, we have had no cases continue to trial after we have become involved.

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Site Assessments

JWBA through its subsidiary TCT possesses nearly 15 years experience in both level 1 and level 2 assessments . We have established a sound track record in accurate assessments which identify the source and cause of contamination leading to site remediation and legal resolution at the lowest possible cost.

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Corrective Action Plans

Corrective action plans are required by regulatory authorities when contamination is found. In order to meet closure at the lowest cost a corrective action plan must be both effective and efficient. Our engineering approach considers the value of time to the client. This variable is often overlooked in conventional approaches. We have successfully closed sites in many states and possess experience with environmental regulators at all levels.

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Remediation Technologies

Hydroremediaton - An effective, low-cost means for remediation of contaminated soild, Hydroremediation (U. S. Patents #5,302,211 and 5, 460,194) could become a breakthrough, best-available technology. The process is simple and effective, yet affords a wide range of control for clean-up to parts-per trillion levels, or even less. Hydroremediation possesses several characteristics which make it a desirable choice for cleaning soil.

Effective - Soil may be decontaminated to levels meeting state and federal regulatory standards. Rapid - Decontamination may be performed in a relatively short period of time. Definitive - There is virtually no uncertainty about the final closure of the site. Environmentally Sound - There are no air emissions, which makes air quality permitting and site applicability less restrictive. Scientifically Sound - The technology adheres to proven thermodynamic and engineering principles. Low Energy - The process operates at near-ambient temperatures requiring much less energy than thermal processes. Broad Application - Application to any lighter-than-water organic or water-soluble contaminant. Low Cost - Short, definitive time frames eliminate the need for long-term, labor-intensive operations.

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