Management Team

James W. Bunger, Ph.D. - President and CEO

Jim is a leading research professional in petroleum, synfuels and the chemical sciences and engineering. Jim brings a cross-disciplinary approach to the corporate leadership. He serves part-time as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Chemical and Fuels Engineering, at the University of Utah.

Donald E. Cogswell, M.Sc. - Manager, Process Development

With degrees in both Chemistry and Engineering, and 20 years of involvement with JWBA technologies, Don contributes an in-depth knowledge of the philosophy behind our success. He is responsible for separation and analysis activities as well as day-to-day management of pilot-plant programs.

Christopher P. Russell, Ph.D. - Director, Research and Development

Chris has been associated with the management team for 22 years. He is extraordinarily talented in engineering mathematics and oversees the development of mathematical treatments for the Company's experimental design and process simulation tasks.

Geoffrey Dolbear, Ph.D., Consultant, Petroleum and Chemical Technology Marketing

Geoff has actively pursued marketing of the company's Z-BASIC applications to the needs of the petroleum and chemicals industry. Geoff is a former research scientist with Unocal and Occidental Petroleum and received his Ph.D. in chemistry under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Henry Taube.

Jerry W. Wiser, B.Sc.- Senior Process Engineer

More than 20 years of experience with JWBA and the University of Utah have proven Jerry a highly capable process engineer. His combined knowledge of chemical and fuels engineering fundamentals, process instrumentation and control, and overall construction experience has led to efficient, low-cost and highly operable process plants.

James U. Jensen, J. D., M. B. A. - Director, Contracts and Licensing

Jim is a Director and Associate of the Company and Chief Legal Counsel for Technical Affairs. Mr. Jensen is an active member of the Licensing Executives Society and specializes in development of commercial ventures based on technology innovations. He manages the Company's licensing, valuation and technology transfer activities.

Robert Pettit - Marketing Associate

Robert brings a wealth of experience in risk management and insurance actuaries. He serves as liaison to the insurance industry and assists with forensic investigations regarding insurance fraud, personal injury and environmental cases.

J. D. Seader, Ph.D. - Associate, Separations Technology and Thermodynamics

A world-renowned pioneer in chemical engineering and thermodynamics, Professor Seader assists JWBA with specialized design, scale-up and process simulation tasks. He is the author of Chapter-13 on Distillations in Perry's Handbook. Professor Seader has contributed significantly to the Company's emerging separations technologies.

Robert H. Lindquist, Ph.D. - Associate, Venture Development

Bob serves as the Company's Venture Development Advisor. Bob is former Manager of Corporate Research and Development for Chevron Research Company. He has also served as Internal Consultant for Corporate Acquisitions for Chevron Corporation and is particularly helpful in targeting our technology application to industrial needs. He advises the Company on its growth objectives.

Jack A. Elder, Ph.D., Business Partner, Environmental Technology & Assessment

Jack has 18 years experience in environmental assessments, EIS's, environmental permitting, biological baseline studies, hazardous materials management and waste incineration. He is registered Environmental Assessor CA# REA-01125. He is CEO of Granite Environmental Inc. contact Jack

David Allin, B.Sc. - Consultant, Geology and Resource Acquisitions

A highly experienced petroleum geologist and land expert, Dave has evaluated and negotiated resource rights and sales to about 2-million acres of oil, gas and natural resource properties during his 18-year career. Dave manages the Company's resource evaluation tasks and negotiates our resource acquisitions.

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