JWBA facilities are permitted for experimental purposes by the Department of Environmental Health, State of Utah. They consist of 3,000 sq. ft. of high-head space pilot-plant areas, with12 ft. doors for truck access. The facilities are wired with 40 kw power at 208 volt, 3-phase. Continuous process units include liquid-liquid extraction, a ten-tray distillation column, high efficiency packed column, flash distillation, and mineral processing apparatus.

Laboratory equipment includes balances, evaporators, density and refractive index instruments, ovens and furnaces and a complement of laboratory glassware. Shop tools include welders, cutters, grinders, air compressor and hand tools. The facilities are located in the Decker Lake Industrial Park of West Valley City, adjacent to Salt Lake City, Utah.

JWBA facilities house a variety of data processing and communications equipment. Software packages are installed on these computers for computer-aided design, process simulation, customized analysis and desk-top publishing. We have also established access to a variety of local, national and international information services, and stay abreast of developments in the area of petroleum, chemical, and environmental process technologies.

JWBA has a strong working relationship with the University of Utah, The 15th largest Research University in the U. S. with an annual research budget in excess of $100- million/year. The availability of the University adds considerable strength to the capabilities of JWBA through access to special expertise, laboratory facilities, and high-cost equipment when needed.

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