Function – Uses ‘cp’ files on process streams (feedstocks and products) to assist in determining the cause of poor process performance.

Method –Off-spec products are manifestations of composition. Correspondingly, Troubleshoot surveys composition and compares these results with on-spec compositions. ‘cp’ files are generated on feedstocks and products by taking a sample and processing through the ‘cp’ file generator. Alternatively, files from Monitor can be input to the program. Troubleshoot has a composition reporter that can be used to import files to a spreadsheet for custom data processing. If a Z-model or Z-simulator is available, the feedstock 'cp' file can be fed to the model/simulator and conditions adjusted (catalyst activity, T, Pt, PH2, contact times, etc.) until the product files match. Leaks in feed/effluent exchangers can be detected by using the Blend application to match results.

Use – Troubleshoot is a tool to elicit compositional information from the process system that is normally difficult to obtain. As conceived, Troubleshoot is not a solution, but is a tool to be used by an experienced engineer.

Development Status – Composition, Properties, Blend, Distill and Assay are currently available that can be used to effectively perform what Troubleshoot is expected to do automatically. Separate programs for unit operations will be developed as demand dictates.

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