Function – Prepares whole crude Assays from ‘cp’ files.

Methods - Assays are calculated from ‘cp’ files by simulating laboratory distillations and determining properties of the pseudocomponents produced. (See ASSAY example in pdf)

Use – Z-BaSICTM crude oil Assays are used in the same way that current laboratory or library assays are used. Accuracy is extremely high for yields, densities and D-86 points. Accuracies for other properties currently reflect certain errors inherent in API correlations. The Z-BaSICTM Assays show extremely high precision, not subject to deviations caused by laboratory practice. (more)

Development Status – Z-BaSICTM Assays contain yields, by volume and weight, and for fractions and residue, density, API gravity, sulfur, nitrogen, basic nitrogen, D-86 points, D-2887 points, carbon-type composition (NMR equivalent), compound-type composition (chromatography equivalent), viscosity at user-selected temperatures, cloud, freeze, pour, aniline and smoke point, RVP (light distillates), cetane index, refractive index, K-factor, acentric factor, average critical T and P, average MW, coefficient of thermal expansion, and Con carbon. Future developments will include octane number, acid number, asphaltenes content, and specialized composition reports as requested.

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