Function – Blends any number of process streams into a single, uniform stream.

Method – The blend function marries ‘cp’ files by a user-specified recipe of volume or weight percent and normalizes the weight fractions to 1.00. May be automated and used in blend control applications.

Use – Use wherever two or more streams merge. Upstream, apply to gathering points, pipeline feed points, and tanks. For shipping, use to represent composite lots. Downstream, simulate blending of crude streams to synthesize tower feeds. Blended ‘cp’ files can be imported to ASSAY to obtain assay properties or COMPOSITION to obtain component reports.  BLEND can be used with intermediate or product streams to plan specification recipes or to determine the impact of specific streams on process performance (need unit models). Use with CONTROL application to control blending processes on-line.

Development Status – BLEND is completely developed and usable for all ‘cp’ files. Automated Blend Optimizer programs are under development. Most objective function properties are available in the correlation database (does not include octane number).