Capabilities and Organizational Experience

Mission Statement

To create rigorous and effective solutions for the petroleum and chemical industry through the application of molecular-level science by identifying, quantifying, modeling, and simulating processes and product performance at their most fundamental, chemical levels.

JWBA personnel have more than 30 years experience in all aspects of petroleum and chemicals with particular strength in downstream processing and utilization. The company possesses unique capabilities in rapid compositional analysis of multi-components mixtures and utilizes these capabilities as the basis for advanced process design and control. With strong capabilities in engineering fundamentals and mathematical modeling the company offers specialized services in petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical assays, environmental forensics and technology/software research and development.

The Company is actively pursuing projects in tar sand, oil shale, coal liquefaction, petroleum processing and environmental technologies. Among these major projects, we have developed spin-off opportunities in analytical techniques and environmental forensics.

Pilot plants successfully designed by JWBA personnel include hydropyrolysis, trickle-bed hydrotreating, fluidized bed pyrolysis, fluidized bed combustion, preparative scale distillation, tar sand extraction, bitumen processing, steam cracking, liquid-liquid extraction, soil washing and environmental remediation technology.

JWBA has a government accepted (DCAA) cost accounting system and will collaborate with other scientifically sound organizations in proposing and performing research for government agencies. The Company has received several awards under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.

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